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Why Where Do My Prayers Go?

Where Do My Prayers Go? Book ImageWhere Do My Prayers Go is a journey of a young boy who continues to ask by using his experiences and imagination, where do his prayers go?  It portrays a child’s questions combined with his imagination and puts those in the real world with everyday life and adventures.

Whether the little boy goes to the fair, plays with his friends, or goes to a movie with his parents. All these everyday experiences allows the boys imagination to run freely and the illustrations demonstrate that in subtle and obvious ways. It will hopefully show children that it’s okay to pray and no matter what they pray for, and how it may sound to them, God is always listening.  Their prayers are always important to God.

Wonderfully illustrated by Lukasz Zareba, Where Do My Prayers Go is completely designed and produced by myself and my husband. It is a hard cover 32-page picture book in full color.

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It includes twelve illustrations that span 2 pages as well as my favorite, a prayer page. This gives the child a place to customize their book by writing their name as well as their prayers and where they think their prayers go. “Where Do My Prayers Go?” is filled with bright colors and everyday themes and is perfect for a child of any age. Pick up a copy today!

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