Thank You!

Thank you to all that pledged via kickstarter and those that helped in many other ways to make this book a reality. It could not have been done without you.

William Adkins
Danny & Maribeth Aiken
Jeanette Anderson
Worth Anderson
Jana Andersoon
Kristin Ayyar
Patti Bachelder
Donald Barnes
Walter Bartlett
Wanda Bass
Rhonda Beach
Penny S Bishop
Greg Casker
Lisa Cooley
Jim & Kathy Cropp
Charles & Angie Crumpler
Kate Daneluk
Debbie Deane
Don & Eddie Dees
Sarah Etu
Pat Fogleman
Mary Gallo
Novie Garcia
Jeanie Garner
Marjorie Gauthier
Christa B. Gibbons
Linda H. Gillispie
Sharon Gluhareff
Lisa Grant
Melanie Guckenberg
Pat Hanson
Diane Harraghy
Kate Hasenbank
Clif & Deb Hefti
Cheryl Hook
Marc Hunter
Trish Huntington
Marianna Jarrett
Chris Johnson
Michael Johnson
Matthew & Katrina Jones
Sue Kile
Rebecca Layne
Sarah Lester
Louis Lipp
Marty Mann
Sarah Madison Maxey
Tasha McRaniels
Brian Meyers, Jr.
T. Oakley
Karen Oaks
Marilyn Oaks
Shirley Olgiate
Nancy O’Neill
Amy Pearson
Ruben Perez
Paul Phillips
Mrs. Kathleen Platt
Lucas Porter
Chelsea Porter
Hemlock Records
Beverly Santini
Hollie Satterfield
Tracie Scearce
Sally Scearce
Pat Schindler
Katie Sebion
Joseph Solomon
Eric & Diane Swanson
Craig Swanson
Emily Tomlinson
Kenneth C. Tyburski
Kenneth & Christine Tyburski
Rob Tyson
Kevin & Frannie Uitto
Donna Waymouth
David Wehrenberg
Tommy & Ann Williams
Jennifer Wolfe
Beth Yopp

We’re very sorry if you’re name is not listed if it should be. We have a lot of lists and some names get dropped by mistake.
If you don’t see your name listed or if it’s incorrectly listed, please let us know.

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